Why Do Yoga Classes

Yoga has been a very popular form of fitness and health practice for many centuries and in many countries all over the world. Not only are people testifying to the many health benefits of yoga, but also they are talking about how this seemingly simple stretching routines have changed their lives mainly because of how it also affects their way of thinking or perspective in life. Let us look at some of the benefits you can get when you do Yoga in Abu Dhabi classes.


Better Sleep


Many yoga practitioners have sworn on this one great benefit in doing yoga—better sleep. The reason is that once you start doing the practice, your body becomes more relaxed and your muscles become less tense making it easier for you to be calm and fall asleep during the evening.


Falling asleep is one thing, but keeping that sleep and having deep sleep is another. With yoga practice, you focus on developing or improving your breathing pattern—slowly breathing in and breathing out until your body gets used to the pacing of the breathing. Once you are on your way to sleep and have actually fallen asleep, the body also does the pattern of yoga breathing, which results to a more calm breathing state that really helps you to achieve long and deep sleep.



Clearer Mind and Life Perspective


Connected to the breathing, yoga can also give you a clearer mind because the breathing is part of what is called “mindfulness” or thinking about the moment only where you are doing the poses and forgetting the outside world around you.


Mindfulness is a way of relieving stress because with all the pressures of daily living and the things we need to worry about in work and life, many people often forget to have a quiet moment and just reflect on their current state. When you do yoga or any form or medication for that matter, you are putting yourself in a mindful state where you close your mind to the different pressures around you and just focus on your breathing and what is with your at the moment. Because of yoga practice, many people say they have learned the art of mindfulness and they can focus better in their daily tasks plus also learn to appreciate more the real important things in their lives such as relationships and health.



Better Physical Health


You don’t have to do extraneous exercises in order to stay fit. Yoga is one proof of that. With just simple stretching routines that you do every day or as often as you can, you will immediately see a difference in the way your body is functioning.


There are many yoga poses and as one continues to practice, the poses become more difficult and challenging for the body and becomes a real exercise for physical strength, which positively affects our organs and overall physical fitness. Yoga can be as challenging and as low-impact as one prefers so don’t be afraid to try it out by enrolling in Yoga in Abu Dhabi classes.

Here is a video to know more about the benefits of yoga: