What to Know When Doing Dubai Crossfit

Planning to start with Dubai Crossfit? Here are a few of the things you can expect on your first session.

Not a lot of Typical Gym Equipment – when you first go to your Crossfit gym, you might be surprised to find out that there are really no typical gym equipment like treadmill. Instead, the box is full of sweaty humans, a lot of handy exercise tools like kettle bells, barbels, boxes, etc. and the place looks more like a warehouse than a classy fitness gym. This is how a Crossfit box looks like. You don’t need the typical gym equipment because you won’t be doing repetitive movements. Instead you will do more functional exercises like jumping, squatting, stretching, running, lifting, and rowing. So usually you will be on the ground, rolling, or standing. No need for those stationary gym equipment that don’t really do much for your body. Make sure to visit gyms like Reebok Crossfit LifeSpark and ask about their free trial session so you can get a real feeling for Crossfit.

Expect a lot of weird jargon and new terms – When you start working out with Crossfitters, you will notice that they have a language of their own. They use different terms for exercises and they call their gym the “box”. Each Crossfit box may also have their own terms, so depending on where you are a member of, these terms will obviously change. So don’t pressure yourself too much about it. Just do your workouts and listen to what terms the other Crossfitters are using. After a few sessions you should be able to understand their way of speaking and even use those new terms yourself.

Trained Coaches – When it comes to Crossfit, it is rare to have a coach that hasn’t done Crossfit himself or herself. So when you start your Crossfit sessions, you know you are working with trained and experienced coaches who know what they are doing for your training. Just make sure that when it comes to coaches, you are also listening to your body and not just following what the coach says. It is important that you listen to your Crossfit coach but also inform him or her about what your are actually feeling when it comes to the exercises. That’s because the coach won’t really know your physical condition and if you had any injuries or illnesses in the past. So you need to be honest with your coach to make sure you have the best and most effective Crossfit training in the box.

Joining the CrossFit world perhaps is quite hard in the beginning but if you have the right people around you, you will have more confidence and motivation to continue. It is also a sport or fitness program that you should take if you easily become bored at a traditional gym and feel that the exercises are no longer challenging and are not giving you the results you want to see.

Get a glimpse of how Crossfit is in this video here: